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Submitted on
September 27, 2009


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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 27, 2009, 7:59 AM
  • Note me for Commission inquiries after reading FAQ

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Jigglys Zodiac Artbook
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Commissions will either be simple or detailed:

Simple characters are wearing plain clothes, no real details, textures, patterns or anything specific. Jeans and a shirt would be simple
  Also very very large characters would be considered simple as theres not alot of detail when the characters basically a giant marshmallow.

Detailed characters have alot of detailed clothing. Lots of belts or pockets/pouches, armor or patterned fabrics (ex, kimono prints).
  Detailed characters tend to be smaller in weight size as the clothing usually still fits (although nice and tight) so more focus is put on the detail of the clothing.

New Rule: You need to know before paying what you are commissioning so we can price it right. It wouldn't be fair to pay more for a simple character and decide on something a final fantasy character for me to draw. And as always note me with commission requests, try and keep them all on one note, its a pain going through 3-4 notes to get each specific part of the commission

Here's the pricing and examples


Simple Lineart $15
PhatPhantom Commission by theJiggly
Complex Lineart $20
Weightress by theJiggly    Lots of detail in the clothing with belts and buttons, not so much plain shirt n jeans

Simple Flat Colored $20
Juliet Commission by theJiggly    More belly and clothing is a simple shirt n skirt
w/shading $25
Twilight Sparkle by theJiggly again belly is predominant and clothing is a simple skirt n shirt

Complex flat colored $30
Berserker by theJiggly     Although large, alot of detail with hair braids and fur pattern
w/shading $35
Shiva Commission by theJiggly  Still large, but alot of detail with hair braids/charms and ice on skin

Additional characters
+$10 for additional simple character
Graz n  Roz Commission by theJiggly  half naked and tiny
+$15 for additional complex character
Saki and Roin Commission by theJiggly      Lots of little details with pockets, runes on robes etc

Sequences are a the same as adding a character,
so a 3 piece simple lineart sequential would be $40/ $45 with shading
            A complex 3 piece lineart sequential would be $60/ $65 with shading
Emma Frost Turnaround Commission by theJiggly  plain white small clothing being smothered by skin, not much detail to work with

 Coop by theJiggly      plain boots and thong, main design is a simple star on nipples, still simple design

Backgrounds based on level of detail
eg logo in background or simple design +$5
Scylla Commission by theJiggly  simple pattern in background
character sitting on couch/bed +$10-$15
cookie anyone? by theJiggly  furniture and food
whole environment +15-$20

Cerseis Stuffing Commission by theJiggly    engraved bed, wallpaper and bed hangings

'List Commissions'
Any character on the list will be detailed colored w/shading

junko enoshima (Dangan Ronpa)
Kyouko Kirigiri (Dangan Ronpa)
Toko Fukawa (Dangan Ronpa)
Celestia Ludenberg (Dangan Ronpa)
Aoi Asahina (Dangan Ronpa)
Sayaka Maisono (Dangan Ronpa)
Ryoko Matoi (kill la Kill)
Satsuki Kiryuin (kill la Kill)
Rei Hoomaru (kill la Kill)
Morrigan (Dragon Age)
Menace (Queens Blade)
Echidna (Queens Blade)
Aldra (Queens Blade)
Shizuka (Queens Blade)
Luna Luna (Queens Blade)
Ymir (Queens Blade)
Witchblade (90's/current/anime version)
Aspen (Fathom)
Ice Witch ( Ni No Kuni)
Leia Rolando (Tales of Xillia)
Muzet/Muzee (Tales of Xillia)
Agria (Tales of Xillia)
Presa (Tales of Xillia)
Chi (Chobits)-can request specific outfit from manga/anime
Heather (Silent Hill 3)
Liara (Mass Effect)
Kasumi (Mass Effect 2)
Morinth (Mass Effect 2)
Aria (Mass Effect 2)
Jack (Mass Effect 3)
Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
Chell (Portal)
Rei-L (Ergo Proxy)
Lulu (Final Fantasy X)
Lady (Devil May Cry 3)
Trish (Devil May Cry)
Paine (Final Fantasy X-2)
Marceline (Adventure Time)
Fiona (Adventure Time)

keep in mind your paying for my time
i do have a real life job and sleep inbetween :P
and i do try and get as much on a page as possible, but still making it look good

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MindofCyberLord Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you open for Commissions?
theJiggly Mar 19, 2012  Student Artist
kinda, would be a bit of a wait for me to get to work on it as I only have 3 days of the week to do any kind of work (homework, errands, cleaning, etc.) and I have 3 commissions I currently need to finish.

So you can commission me but would be a bit of a wait, optimistically I might be able to get it done over Spring Break (first week of April)
how do i pay for a commision?
theJiggly Aug 13, 2009  Student Artist
only only accept paypal
but i'm not open for comissions right now
Gah! What's with all these whipper-snappers and their paypal obsessions. Back in my day, you did the commision and the person paid you face to face with freshly baked cookies... or a cow.
theJiggly Sep 28, 2009  Student Artist
cookies are always good :3
Indeed they are.

*munch munch munch*
Lokoko-space Jul 15, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Could you do a WG Pic of the main character of my Book Spiritular Faghorn? I got a whole bunch of pics of her in my Gallery!
theJiggly Jul 15, 2009  Student Artist
yeh note me with a link to the character
i need to know:

what part you want bigger
and how big

gonna assume this is a inked lineart piece?
Lokoko-space Sep 28, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry, but my brother would tear off my drawing arm if i spent my money, sorry, but I have to save up for an Electric bass guitar, but tell me, what is Paypal anyway?
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